In the digital age we now live in it has become increasingly more important for businesses to have a social media marketing plan.

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will enable your business to reach more customers.

Using social media creates opportunities to attract new visitors, using more than one profile can double or triple that opportunity. Without it the people visiting your website are limited to those who already know your company or have searched and found you using your keywords.

Managing content for the different platforms can be time consuming but, with our Social Media Posting Service, we can help.

How does our social media management service work?

Our copywriters will create conversations around your business. They will not only highlight how great your company is, but mix-up the content by researching relevant and interesting hints, tips, facts and trivia to keep your content engaging and right for your target audience.

You are in control. You can review the content we have prepared seven days in advance and even edit, delete and reschedule it without having to rewrite a word. You can still write your own posts whenever you like.

Currently we support Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can choose just one platform or all three and our content writers will post daily updates, the number posted differs subject to the platform(s) you choose.

We're so confident in our service that we don’t tie you into a contract
and there is no minimum sign up period so you can cancel at any time.

Benefits of running a Social Media marketing campaign

Your website conversion rate will improve
Posting regularly to social media will increase your online visibility, when potential customers see your Tweets or posts they are more likely to visit your website and share your information with their followers.

Get ahead of your competitors
Are your competitors using social media to promote their brand? If not, get a head start and help your website increase in the rankings whilst growing your audience. If they are already using social media, shouldn't you as well? You run the risk of losing potential customers to your competitors if they're running successful campaigns.

Build your marketing power
As your followers grow your marketing opportunities increase with it. Over time your regularly updated social media platforms will increase likes and follows, giving you a loyal following, who, at any time, you can interact with. Push new products and services quickly and easily and gain instant traffic to your websites products and services. The more who follow you, the more will join, its called the "crowd effect", people like to be part of a crowd!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Google is placing more and more emphasis on social signals, how active you are, how many followers you have and which social platforms are linked to your website can have a direct impact on how high up the rankings your website appears. 

Packages & Pricing
Our social media management packages include an initial set-up fee of £49 which covers our experts time to profile your business based on a questionnaire you complete, we'll also help set-up business pages on any of the platforms you sign up for, if required. We will tailor a plan for your needs.







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